No webcam found, not connected errors

Try these basic troubleshooting tips if you can't view a contact's webcam, are unable to broadcast with your webcam, or if you are receiving a "no webcam found" error message.

Basic webcam troubleshooting steps:

  • External webcam unplugged: Check to see if your external webcam was accidentally unplugged from your computer.
  • Close other programs: Another program may be using your webcam.
    - Close other programs and then try accessing your webcam again.
  • Another program crashed: If another program has crashed, it might not have successfully released your webcam.
    - Close all programs and restart your computer.
  • Reinstall: If you have an external webcam, it might not have installed correctly.
    - Try reinstalling your webcam software program according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    - For more information, see reinstalling your webcam.
  • Camera source: Perhaps [partner/] [property_messenger/] is using the incorrect camera device on your computer.
    - Try changing the camera source.
    - For more information, see changing your camera source.
  • Configuration: Your webcam might not be configured correctly.
    - Try reconfiguring your webcam according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    - Most webcam manufacturers provide documentation for their products on their websites.
  • Webcam compatibility: Your webcam might not be compatible with [partner/] [property_messenger/].
    - You can verify this by reviewing webcam compatibility requirements for [partner/] [property_messenger/].


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