Recover lost or deleted emails and IMs

If any of your Yahoo emails or IMs have gone missing in the last 7 days, we can try to restore them for you.

 Important: before you request a restoration attempt

  • Restorations aren't always successful, but we'll do all we can.
  • We can only restore messages lost or deleted within the last 7 days.
  • When you submit your request we'll roll your Yahoo Mail back to the restore point you pick.
  • If restoration is successful, messages you received after the restore point will be merged with the restored email messages.
  • If you submit multiple requests, only the latest request will be processed.
  • Restore requests can't be canceled. Make sure it's really what you want before you submit the request. 
  • We're unable to restore Yahoo Messenger for Mac or Yahoo Messenger (for Windows) older than version 10.

Submit your request

From a desktop or laptop computer, go to our Restore Request form and send us your request.

Send a Restore Request

 Could your emails be hidden? It's possible that your emails may still be in your account, only out of view. See our help article about finding missing emails in Yahoo Mail to learn more.

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