How many people can I send a message to at once from Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo Mail takes spam very seriously. Due to our Spam policy, we can't disclose the recipient limit that you can email at one time. We do, however, have some recommendations to help you successfully send emails to multiple recipients.

Sending email to more than one person

  • There must be at least one email address in the "To" field.
  • Enter additional email addresses in the "To," "Cc," or "BCC" fields.
    - When you're done typing an email address, press the space bar to complete it and begin entering a new address.

Sending email to a large number of recipients

To protect against spam, the following may occur when sending an email to a large number of recipients:

  • You may be asked to enter a CAPTCHA verification code before you can send the email.
  • You may be unable to send the email unless you reduce the number of recipients in each of the address fields.

Good to know

  • Your message won't be delivered if you don't enter valid email addresses.
    - Instead, you'll receive an error stating "This is an invalid email address."
  • Sending junk mail or "spam" is a violation of the Yahoo Mail Terms of Service and will not be tolerated.

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