Choosing a Best Answer

Did you receive an answer to your question that was right on target? Let the answerer and the Answers community know it was helpful by choosing it as "Best Answer."

Choose your question's Best Answer

You'll have the option to choose a "Best Answer" one hour after asking your question.

  1. Find and select My Questions.
  2. Click on the question.
  3. From the answers underneath, find the answer you like best.
  4. Click Choose as Best Answer.
    1. Once you've selected the Best Answer, this selection will be saved.
  5. Under "Rate Best Answer", click the number of stars you’d like to give it.
  6. Under “Comments," feel free to let the answerer know you appreciate the help.
  7. Click Submit.

Success! The Best Answer will move to the top of the answer module.

  Alert: The community vote option is no longer available. To find out more about this change, please visit Answers Help.