Search for messages in Yahoo Mail

Find emails, attachments, photos, and calendar invites by using the search feature in Yahoo Mail. Use a few search terms or an advanced search to locate harder to find items.

Quick searches

  • Basic search - Enter keywords in the top search bar, then click the Search icon Image of the search icon..
  • Search by sender - When viewing a list of emails, mouse over 1 and click the Search icon Image of the 'Search by sender' icon..

Advanced searches

Tips to refine searches with keywords

Find messages with a specific subject line or from a certain person by placing “Subject:” or “From:” before your search terms. For example:

  • from:mom
  • subject:interview

Limit results to folders, date range, subject field, and more

  1. In the top search bar, click the Search Options icon .
  2. Enter your search criteria (result only show for the field you enter).
  3. Optionally, limit by folder, date, or attachment:
    • Limit by folder - Select a folder from the "Search in" field.
    • Limit by date - Select a predefined range or pick custom dates.
    • Limit by attachment - Show emails with only attachments, photos, or calendar invites.
  4. Click Search.