Change your language and location settings on Yahoo

In some cases, you might see Yahoo Mail and other Yahoo pages in a language or location you don't expect. You can reset Yahoo pages to your preferred language or location in a few easy steps.

Before you begin, sign in to your Yahoo account. That way, your settings will be saved across all your devices. If you don't sign in, your changes will be lost if you clear your browser's cookies.

Update language settings

  1. Go to your "Locations and languages" settings.
  2. Click the Select arrow Image of select options arrow in Yahoo Mail. in the second field to see a list of available languages.
  3. Select your language.
  4. Click the button next to the field to set your language.

Update location settings

Yahoo uses your location to personalize your Yahoo pages, like Weather and Movies. Your current location is a general location based on your IP address. We know that we don't get your location right every time, so you can help us by updating your current location.

All location data is private. We don't share it with your friends or contacts, or post it publicly without your permission. Usage of this information is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Change current location

  1. Go to your "Locations and languages" settings.
  2. Click Detect my location.
  3. Click Yes if we correctly detected your location, or No if we didn't.
    - If you clicked "Yes," your location has been saved, and you can skip the remaining steps.
  4. If you clicked "No," enter your city or ZIP code in the search box.
  5. Select your location from the drop-down menu.

Manage location history

Location history is a private list of the places you've visited. It helps us present content, suggestions, and search results that are relevant to you. You can enable or disable location history, and remove the places you've visited, if you'd like.

Turn location history on or off

  1. Go to your "Locations and languages" settings.
  2. Click Manage my location history.
  3. Click On or Off.

Remove a place you've visited from location history

  1. Go to your "Locations and languages" settings.
  2. Click Manage my location history.
  3. Select a date range.
  4. Mouse over the location you want to remove, and click the Clear history icon (x).

 Remove multiple locations at once - To remove all locations for a particular date range, or all locations for all date ranges, select Actions | Delete for this range or Delete all.